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Our Touch Up Process for Low-Resolution Images!

Our Touch Up Process for Low-Resolution Images!

Are you disappointed that you don't have a high resolution image to print them? Wall of Love has the solution. If you don't have a very high-resolution version of the image you love to print, here’s what we can do :

Image Enlargement: We use advanced and cutting-edge AI software that can enlarge your low-resolution images without losing quality. You can now print your images in a larger size and still retain their sharpness and clarity.

Expert Retouching: We can fine-tune your images to ensure they look their best in print. We’ll adjust brightness, contrast, and colour to create the perfect image for printing.

Before and After Comparison: See the difference our AI software and expert retouching can make. See our before and after comparison image to see how we can transform your low-resolution images into stunning prints.

Before you upload your image: Follow these tips to ensure that your prints look their best:

  • Use high-resolution images whenever possible for the best print quality.
  • Use the image from the original source, if your photographer has provided you with the original image, please upload that image for the best print.
  • And of course, choose the best printing service provider 😊